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Joe Biden is the best candidate for President

Joe Biden was US Senator for many years and Vice President for eight years. He has experience working with people across the aisle and foreign leaders. He knows how government works.


Brian Burch of CatholicVote sent an email blasting Biden for his lack of policy initiatives, supporting abortion and gay marriage. Burch’s opposition stems from a narrow view of what it means to be Catholic. While the Catholic bishops continue to hole abortion as the pre-eminent issue,   they also urge voters to take seriously a candidate’s views on the common good. Biden will do that in a moderate style.

Burch stated correctly the Biden was denied communion but that was by a single bishop, not the Church as a whole.  Burch also predicted that Biden will be “exploiting his Catholic identity”. On the contrary it is people like Burch who will wrongly accuse Biden of actions and views that are not conforming to Burch’s brand of Catholicism.

Biden supports programs, like Planned Parenthood, which helps pregnan women to have a healthy baby and helps with post natal care as well. any abortion they provide does not use government funs.  Evidence shows that when women have health care, abortions go down.

Biden stands for fairness, cooperation, the common good. he recognizes that gays are normal human beings and it is time to stop discriminating against them.

So I urge you to vote for Biden on Tuesday in the Michigan Democratic primary.

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